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Special Interest


Travel is well suited for combining with other special interests to create unique holiday experiences. Whether that's a fishing adventure on Lake Nasser, a diving course in the Red Sea or a photography tour in Jordan, we have plenty of experience turning you interests into a holiday of a lifetime.

These tours all concentrate on a particular theme or topic, and the itineraries focus on this throughout. Special interests featured may include religious history, photography, diving or fishing for example.

There are many hobbies and interests that work well as holidays and can often raise an interest to a new level. Photography is a great example of taking your interest to a new level by turning it into a holiday. Imagine studying photography techniques whilst shooting stunning structures like the Pyramids, capturing beautiful desert scenery or local traders in a bustling bazaar. More unusual requests have included belly dancing lessons in Cairo, and camel treks through the desert. Below you can find a selection of special interest holiday itineraries to get you started and whatever your interest we are happy to help you turn it into a perfect holiday, tailored just for you.

Why choose Egypt Uncovered Special Interest tours?

  • Gudes all experts in their field
  • In depth explanations and instruction
  • Informal atmosphere, educational but not lectures
  • Specially designed itineraries
  • Unique experiences not featured in any other tours
  • Travel times selected to be ideal for your destination
  • Optional transport & accommodation upgrades available
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information provided

Special Interest COUNTRIES



Diving information

Useful information about whether diving is right for you and what to expect on a diving course or diving tour.

Author: Martin Hosie, February 14, 2015

The Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Until very recently, Siwa was Egypt’s most inaccessible oasis despite it being one of the most interesting. Siwa’s rich history includes a visi...

Author: Martin Hosie, September 17, 2014