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At Egypt Uncovered we offer a range of different types of tours...

Our Small Group adventure tours have been designed for those looking to experience both the ancient and modern sides of Egypt, Jordan and Syria on a professionally guided tour that concentrates on sightseeing and local experiences and adventure activities. Group sizes generally range from 12-18, which allows you to clearly hear and get to know your guide well, and of course make friends with your fellow travellers.

Our Shoestring tours are set at a lower budget and group sizes can be a little larger, but they still provide an exciting mix of historic sightseeing, local interactions and some more adventurous activities. They usually have less inclusion within the set itineraries, allowing you to add optional tours and activities to suit your requirements. There may be some basic accommodation for a few nights, mixed in with the normal hotels.

A short City Break tour provides an excellent introduction to a country or can be used to break up a longer flight. Our city breaks cover some of the most interesting and important cities in the Middle East and can be tailored to fit your requirements.

If you are looking for a Family holiday that will be interesting, fun and rewarding for adults and children alike, then these tours have been designed especially for you. We have adjusted some of our most popular tours by removing some of the temple visits, adding in some more child friendly activities, and carefully selecting the hotels to be used.

Our special Interest tours all concentrate on a particular theme or topic, and the itineraries focus mainly on this throughout. Special interests featured include religious tours, scuba diving, fishing on Lake Nasser or photography for example.

Finally, we also offer a large selection of tailor-made tours and virtually all the tours on this website can be run privately or tailored to suit your personal requirements. Our experienced travel consultants are waiting to work with you to customise any of our tour to fit you interests and budgets.

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Our video features bring our tours to life in a way the no photo can, you'll feel like you're on the tour.


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